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24 March 2008

Easter Bunny Position Art

Fascinated by the beauty of position art by the mighty Stavros, Hirvi, Mr.Stahl and I decided to use this special Easter Sunday evening to create our own magnificent masterpiece. And since it's Easter, the motif was going to be an Easter rabbit.

By coincidence, Mark Guim posted a tutorial on how to make your own position art using Nokia Sports Tracker this morning. Unfortunately, I don't yet have a lovely Black N82 like Stavros has, so we used a trusty old Magellan GPS unit and a standard digital camera instead.

Because the recorded GPS path was quite inaccurate, I post the hand drawn version of my rabbit as well. I wonder how Stavros handles GPS variation - his artwork looks so flawless...

This is where our GPS device thought we were walking:

View Larger Map

This is the path we actually walked:

View Larger Map

The pictures of our walk in the cold Easter night. We had a lot of fun:

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At 24 March 2008 15:52 , Anonymous Mark Guim said...

WHOA! That is awesome! I say it is better than Stavros lol.

At 25 March 2008 16:27 , Anonymous Chris Danker said...


Funny Bunny :))

I'm willing to lend out my N80 with Nokia GPS for the next structure(s) if that helps!


At 26 March 2008 23:45 , Blogger Rita El Khoury said...

Great Idea, great work! Stavros has some serious competition :)

At 01 April 2008 15:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys! Stavros has commented your work!!!

Check out the 'press conference'!


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