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14 April 2008

More Position Art!

While on holiday near Annecy, France, my girlfried and I made some fresh position art for you all to enjoy. But this time with THE original tool: The Nokia N82. That handset was kindly sent to me for review by WOMWorld. I will write my thoughts about the device tomorrow or so.

While the Easter bunny was outlined beforehand on the street map and then drawn while walking the planned route, the works of position art below were made "freehand" by walking on nature's canvas and controlling the result through Nokia Sports Tracker. This might sound simpler, but in fact, it isn't. It is far more difficult to get the dimensions and the angles right and you always have to be concentrated and can't make the position art a social event like on the streets with a pre-planned route.

The first work of position art is a bottle of French wine being poured into a wine glass. I missed the proportions a bit so I had to crawl through the bushes to correct that:

View @GoogleMaps, @OviShare or @SportsTracker

The second work of position art is a Citroen 2CV driving on the road to the French Alps. This is the first time I made a video while using Sports Tracker. While photos made while tracking are automatically uploaded along with the route, videos are not:

View @GoogleMaps, @OviShare or @SportsTracker

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