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22 May 2008

N82 Media Keys with Voice Recording Functionality

Devin Balentina from The Nokia Guide posted a list of 10 reasons why the N82 isn't perfect. Some of his reasons like an optical zoom, a larger screen or a QWERTY keyboard would result in a bigger phone, which we all don't really want. The most interesting points he makes are of course changes that would make the N82 clearly better without increasing size and price.

I would especially like to see media keys on the N82. Not only to control the music player but also to start a voice recording. For this functionality, two extra keys would be enough: play/pause and next track. If you press the two buttons simultaneously a new recording starts, even if the keyboard is locked. Having a dedicated button to start a new recording is a must for some more business oriented people.

The Buttons could be positioned on the left side, somewhere in the middle. This is where your fingers are when you have the handset in your right hand and the keys wouldn't get in the way or be confusing if you take Pictures. A small pictograph could indicate that you can record something when you press both keys.

I made a quick mock up image of how the keys could look like. I moved the microSD slot and removed the usb and power connector because there seems to be consensus that these should be placed at the bottom :).

What do you think?

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